EDF Fields

EDF Informational Fields describe the sampling and analysis of environmental samples.  Fields include information about the sample collected, tests performed, and the results generated plus any associated quality control.  For ease of sharing this information, field types have been assigned requiring specific types of entry:

Character  - C7 is a 7-character field (alphanumeric).

Numeric  - N5 is a numeric field with a total of 5 spaces available for numbers and decimals, with no restriction on the number of digits to the right of the decimal point other than the overall field size (e.g., 12345 or 123.4 or 1.234).

Date - D8 is a date field with the expected format of YYYYMMDD (e.g., 20130101).

Logic - L1 is a logic field with the expected values of "T" (true) or "F" (false).

Time - Time format is 4 digits using the military 24-hour clock without the colon, and ranging from 0000 to 2359 (e.g., 1630).

Valid Value Fields - Various data fields require entry of valid values (codes, also known as "VVLs"). Valid values are built-in codes that the format requires for certain fields, such as contractor names, matrices, and laboratories. The reason for using specific values for these fields is to standardize the data entry, to ensure data consistency and prevent errors. Freely entered data might contain extra spaces, commas, or dashes that would make meaningful data manipulation and thorough or accurate data searches impossible.