Installing COELT on Windows 7

COELT is an ancient piece of software that still is used by many laboratories and environmental professionals.  COELT is a mighty tool that I thought would be out to pasture long before the turn of the Millennium - but it lives because it continues to boot...and there is no replacement.  However, Windows 7 has made its installation a little more difficult.  You can't install COELT directly on Windows 7 but can install a tricky little Windows XP Mode supplemental module that will allow COELT to be installed and run like it's Prince: 1999 (180g) Vinyl 2LP  .  For Windows XP Mode, check out the link below which includes instructions and download :


Once XP Mode is installed on your system, launch XP Mode and install COELT as usual.  If you hit a snag, drop an email to EDF Advisor.