PVCCODE (Primary Value Code)

Attribute Format Table Guidelines & Restrictions Definition
C2 Valid Values      RESULTS PVCCODE cannot be left blank. The code identifies  results as being  primary or confirmatory results.
PVCCODE must contain a valid value.
There must be one "PR" result for each parameter reported.
There may be only one result with PVCCODE = "PR" per LABSAMPID, ANMCODE, EXMCODE, and PARLABEL.
Special Notes
PVCCODEs are used to report supporting gas chromatography (GC) confirmation information (used to verify compound identification). The confirmation results are entered using the first column ("1C"), second column ("2C"), and Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectroscopy ("MS") PVCCODEs. For example, if the sample is confirmed using the first column, "1C" is entered into the PVCCODE field of the confirmation result. The primary result (PVCCODE = "PR") will be assigned to the column result in which the laboratory places the most confidence. (The primary result will generally be assigned to the first column results.)  If a dilution is required for a sample, both analytical determinations must be provided with the appropriate dilution factors and adjusted reporting limits. However, the laboratory must select which value they wish to report as the primary result ("PR"). The value that is not chosen to report should have the PVCCODE, "SR" ("Semi-Qualitative Result").