QCCODE (Quality Control Sample Type)

Attribute Format Tables Guidelines & Restrictions Definition
C3 Valid Values     TEST, RESULTS, QC QCCODE cannot be left blank. The code representing the quality control sample type.
QCCODE must contain a valid value.
Special Notes
 Standard field samples are assigned a QCCODE of "CS." Tests performed on spiked field samples are assigned QCCODEs of "MS" or "SD."  Tests performed on replicates of a field sample are assigned codes of "LR." All other available QCCODEs are assigned to laboratory-generated QC samples, with the exception of the "NC" code that identifies "Non-Client Samples" that have been included in the database to provide QC information.


QCCODE Specific Entry Details
MS1/CS Matrix Spike on a Client Sample - Example Files
MS1/NC Matrix Spike on  a Non-Client Sample - Example Files