Updating EDCC's Valid Values

EDCC is a software package that checks EDF data for adherence to the EDF Data Standard.  The software checks many format requirements, including valid values.    Because valid values are routinely added the EDF System, the EDCC software must be periodically updated to include the new valid values.  Follow the steps listed below to update EDCC:

  1. Download the Valid Value Update to your computer.
  2. Shut down EDCC software. 
  3. Backup the EDCC1.2i directory (C:\EDCC1.2i)
  4. Extract the Valid Value Update (downloaded zip file in Step #1) to a temporary directory (double-click on the file and you will be prompted for an extraction location)
  5. Copy files from the temporary directory (extraction location) into the EDCC directory, OVERWRITING the following EDCC files:
    • anmpar.dbf, anmpar.cdx
    • coevvl.dbf, coevvl.cdx
    • repgro.dbf
    • tic.dbf, tic.cdx
    • valdbf.dbf, valdbf.cdx

 The EDCC update is now complete.  

Have questions about EDCC software?- Ask the EDF Advisor