Welcome to the EDF System

The EDF System is a method for transferring environmental data from one organization to the next, delivering fully defined data of known quality. 

Environmental data is extremely expensive to collect and analyze, as well as often complex in nature.  EDF normalizes the data for ease of use and packages the associated QA/QC with data, to provide a pedigree of data quality that can travel from one user of the data to the next.  The EDF System was designed to reduce environmental data cost while increasing overall data quality, by providing fully defined data standards with associated tools for both creating  and checking the data. Many of of the EDF Standards included in the EDF System, are routinely used by multiple agencies and organizations throughout the country for more than 20 years.  The Standard is free for use and is a living standard with codes continually being added to the system.  If you want data of known quality that is fully documented and understandable to future users, welcome to EDF.