What Does EDCC's "Warning: extra parameter" Mean?

The most common message that EDCC generates is "Warning: extra parameter".  This is not an error (only warning).  If you receive this message your data will pass the GeoTracker checker and load without a problem.  This message is more of a helpful hint - it simply means that you have an additional parameter in your method list that is not present in the published method.  Although this frequently occurs in environmental chemistry analysis, it is difficult to create a database of all possible variations of parameters that would be okay to run by a given analytical method.  And so, the very scary sounding  "Warning: extra parameter" was created.  It simply means -

Hey - look at your data. 

You have an extra parameter on your method list. 

If you are running a BTEX method why are you reporting an extra parameter? 

Is it MTBE?


Is it Aluminum?

Not Fine - make a change. 

Have any questions about an extra parameter? - Ask the EDF Advisor