MATRIX (Matrix)

Attribute Format Tables Guidelines & Restrictions Definition
C2 Valid Values  SAMPLE, TEST, RESULTS, QC, CL MATRIX cannot be left blank. The code identifies the sample's medium or make-up (e.g., soil, air, water, etc.), as categorized by the analytical laboratory.
MATRIX must contain a valid value.
Special Notes
Laboratory-generated samples which use the original environmental sample matrix are assigned the MATRIX code that describes the original sample matrix, rather than the QC sample matrix, (e.g., a matrix spiked waste water sample would be assigned "WW" ["Waste Water"] rather than "WQ" ["Water QC Matrix"]). Laboratory-generated QC samples using only laboratory reagents may be assigned QC MATRIX codes such as "WQ" ("Water QC Matrix") for a blank spike.  However EDF will not batch these samples with samples of a different matrix such as W.