UNITS (Units of Measure)

Attribute Format Tables Guidelines & Restrictions Definition
C10 Valid Values      RESULTS, QC UNITS cannot be left blank. The code identifying the units of measure for an analytical result.
UNITS must contain a valid value.
Special Notes
Blank spikes, blank spike duplicates, matrix spike and matrix spike duplicates must be expressed in absolute units.
Report surrogates (PARVQ = "SU") and internal standards (PARVQ = "IN") with UNITS = "PERCENT."
For all analytes reporting as "PERCENT," enter zero into the LABDL field and REPDL fields, and "NA" into the REPDLVQ field.
If soil samples are expressed on a dry-weight basis, then percent moisture must be reported and detection limits should be provided on a dry-weight basis. Whenever multiple percent moisture determinations have been performed on a sample, (i.e., one determination for each analytical method), report the percent moisture results (PARLABEL and PARVAL) within the analytical method for that particular ANMCODE. (Note: Not all analytical methods require percent moisture determinations.) When entering percent moisture and solids data, use the PARLABEL and the following UNITS: