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The EDF System is a method for transferring environmental data from one organization to the next, delivering fully defined data of known quality. 

What is the Password for the COELT software?

The COELT software prompts the user for a password at launch.  To gain full access to the software, enter the password:



If you would like someone to view your data but not edit it, you can give them access using the password:


Updating EDCC's Valid Values

EDCC is a software package that checks EDF data for adherence to the EDF Data Standard.  The software checks many format requirements, including valid values.    Because valid values are routinely added the EDF System, the EDCC software must be periodically updated to include the new valid values.  Follow the steps listed below to update EDCC:

What Does EDCC's "Warning: extra parameter" Mean?

The most common message that EDCC generates is "Warning: extra parameter".  This is not an error (only warning).  If you receive this message your data will pass the GeoTracker checker and load without a problem.  This message is more of a helpful hint - it simply means that you have an additional parameter in your method list that is not present in the published method.  Although this frequently occurs in environmental chemistry analysis, it is difficult to create a database of all possible variations of parameters that would be okay to run by a given analytical method.  And so, the

How is EDF 1.2a (COELT EDF) different from EDF 1.2i (GeoTracker EDF)?

EDF 1.2i is a newer version of EDF 1.2a.  The formats are essentially the same with the following exceptions: 

  1. More Delivery Options
  2. Four Field Name Changes
  3. File Name Changes
  4. Optional Fields Added


Delivery Options:  The newer EDF1.2i provides greater flexibility in how the format is delivered.  It allows the delivery of a flat file which is a collapsed version of the Sample, Test, Result, and QC files.  The format of the files may be delimited rather than fixed length.  Delivery option are listed below:

Installing COELT on Windows 7

COELT is an ancient piece of software that still is used by many laboratories and environmental professionals.  COELT is a mighty tool that I thought would be out to pasture long before the turn of the Millennium - but it lives because it continues to boot...and there is no replacement.  However, Windows 7 has made its installation a little more difficult.  You can't install COELT directly on Windows 7 but can install a tricky little Windows XP Mode supplemental module that will allow COELT to be installed and run like it's

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