Valid Value List
1753810 RSK 175 -Diss. Gasses in Water by GC/SW3810 -Headspace
3510ALI Separatory Funnel Liq.-Liq. Ext. (Aliphatic Fraction)
3510ARO Separatory Funnel Liq.-Liq. Ext. (Aromatic Fraction)
3510SG Separatory Funnel Liquid-Liquid Extr. with Silica Gel Clean-up
3511SG Organic Compounds in Water by Microextraction with Silica Gel Clean-up
3520CSG Continuous Liquid-Liquid Extr. with Silica Gel Clean-up
3541SG Automated Soxhlet Extraction with Silica Gel Clean-up
3546SG Microwave Extraction with Silica Gel Clean-up
3550ALI Sonication Extraction (Aliphatic Fraction)
3550ARO Sonication Extraction (Aromatic Fraction)
3550SG Ultrasonic Extraction with Silica Gel Clean-up
3580SG Waste Dilution with Silica Gel Clean-up
4500NCB Standard Method 4500-Norg C/NH3 B, C-11
4500S2B Standard Method(20th) 4500-S B,C :Sep.Sol/Insol Sulfides,Pretreat
5035BH Closed-System Purge-&-Trap/Extraction for VOCs (BTEX High Level)
5035BL Closed-System Purge-&-Trap/Extraction for VOCs (BTEX Low Level)
A3010B Standard Methods 3010 B: Dissolved Metals
A3500FE Standard Method (19th) 3500-Fe D: Penanthroline Method
A4500CC Standard Method (19th) 4500-CN C: CN, Total after Distillation
A4500NB Standard Method 4500-N(org) B: Macro-Kjeldahl Method (1997)
A4500PF Standard Methods 4500-P F: Determination of Phosphorus by Automated Ascorbic Acid Reduction Method
A4500SC Standard Method (19th ed.) 4500-S C: Pretreatment for Sulfides
A5220D Standard Method (19th) 5220 D: COD Closed Reflux, Colorimetric
A5320 Standard Method 5320: Dissolved Organic Halogen
A5520D Soxhlet Extraction Method for Oil and Grease
A5520F Standard Method (19th) 5520 F: Hydrocarbons Extrct Oil and Grease
A9221C Standard Method 9221 C: Estimation of Bacterial Density
AK101PR Field Preparation Method for AK101
AM23G AIC Deter. of Low Level Volatile Fatty Acids (SW9056 Derived)
CA435 CA Meth-Determination of Asbestos Content of Serpentine Aggregate
CALUFTG California LUFT GC/FID Method
CAPBO Determination of Organic Lead DHS Method
CATPH-D CA LUFT Method for Diesel Range Organics
CATPHDS CA LUFT Method for Diesel Range Organics, Silica Gel Clean-up
CCFB750 CA Title 22 Acute Fish Bioassay Screen 750 mg/L
CCOPB Organic Lead Method (California Code, Title 22, Chpt 11, App 11)
CLAA Contract Lab Prog. Digestion for AA/ICP Analysis
CLFAA Contract Lab Prog. Digestion for Furnace Analysis
D1946 ASTM Method Reformed Gas by GC (1990) (2000)
D2216 ASTM Method Water (Moisture) Content of Soil and Rock (1992)
D91AVSM Draft 1991-Determination of Acid Volatile in Sediment
DI Direct Injection
DISWAT Leaching Procedure using Distilled Water (EPA 600/R-93/100)
DIWET Distilled Water -WET (Waste Extraction Test) STLC as per Title 22
DNA Nucleic acids (DNA) - (GW Monitor.& Remed. Vol. 28, No 4, 2008)
E1631 Low Level Mercury using Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry
E1664A HEM and SGT-HEM by Extraction and Gravimetry, Rev. A
E1668 Chlorinated Biphenyl Congeners in Multiple Matrices by HRGC/HRMS
E200.2 Prep. for Spectral Chemical Determin. of Total Recov. Elements
E200.3 Preparation for Total Recoverable Metals in Biological Tissue
E200.7 Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission E200.7_0.pdf
E200.8 Inductively Coupled Plasma/Mass Spectroscopy
E200.9 Atomic Absorption, Platform
E206.2 Arsenic (AA, Furnace)
E245.1 Mercury (Cold Vapor, Manual)
E300.1 Inorganic Anions by Ion Chromatography
E310.1 Alkalinity, Total (as Carbonate)
E335.2 Total Cyanide
E335.4 Total Cyanide by Semi-automated Colorimetry
E351.2 Nitrogen, Kjeldahl, Total
E415.3 Total Organic Carbon (UV Absorbance)
E504.1 EDB, DBCP & 123TCP In Water by Microextraction & Gas Chromo.
E6045 PCB Oil
E625 Extractable Priority Pollutants
E632 Pesticides, Carbamate and Urea
E9081 Cation-exchange of Soils (Sodium Acetate)
HMU900D DRAFT - Organo-lead in Sediments, Sludges, and Soils
L89CAMS LUFT89 - Determ. of Diesel by Mechanical Shaker Extraction
L89EDB LUFT89 - Liquid/Liquid Extraction for EDB in Water
L89OPB LUFT89 - Extraction Method for Organic Lead
LA29B State of Louisiana (29-B) Extraction of Total Barium
LB Boron Purification by Ion Exchange Chromatography (LLNL-TR-498360
LL8288 BNA Extraction of Water by Solid-Phase Divinylbenzene/Vinylpyrrolidone Cartridge (Lancaster 11/2013)
MEOH Methanol Extraction
METHOD Extraction Method Specified in Analytical Method
MSADTPA Extraction with Ammonium Bicarbonate-DTPA
MSANH4N Extraction of Exchangeable Ammonium and Nitrate/Nitrite
MSASAT Saturation Extraction
N5503 PCBs in Air: Method 5503, NIOSH Man. of Anal. Methods, 4th Ed. N5503_0.pdf
NH4OAC USDA Handbook No. 60: NH4OAC Extract
NONE No Extraction Required for this Method
OSH215 OSHA ID215 - Hexavalent Chromium
PFCEXT Extraction of Perfluorooctanoic Acid and PFOS and other PFCs in Water and Soil (TestAmerica 3/2013)
PPRICP GC Determ of Chlorinated Phenolics in Bleaching Effluents
PSEP-T Tissue Homogenization per PSEP Guidelines for Tissue (1997)
REACT Reactivity
RSK175 Diss. Gasses in Water by GC (Inter'l J. Env. Anal. Chem. 1991)
SEM Simultaneously Extractable Metals
SW1310A Extraction Procedure (EP) Toxicity Test Method
SW1311 Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure
SW1312 Synthetic Precipitation Leaching Procedure
SW1320 Multiple Extraction Procedure
SW3005 HISTORICAL: Digestion for Total Recoverable Metals for Flame AA
SW3005A Acid Digestion of Waters for Total Recov. or Dissolved Metals SW3005A.pdf
SW3010 HISTORICAL: Digestion for Total Metals for Flame AA and ICP
SW3010A Acid Digest. of Aqueous Samples/Extracts for Total Metals FAA/ICP SW3010A.pdf
SW3015 Microwave-Assisted Acid Digestion of Aqueous Samples
SW3015A Microwave-Assisted Acid Digestion of Aqueous Samples and Extracts SW3015A.pdf

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