Valid Value List
NONE No preservation
P01 4 drops of 10% sodium thiosulfate to 4 oz.
P02 Adjust to pH 4-5
P03 Add 3 mL 10% sodium thiosulfate per 1 gal.
P04 Adjust to pH < 2 with sulfuric acid
P05 Adjust to pH < 2 with hydrochloric acid
P06 Adjust to pH < 2 with sodium hydrogen sulfate
P07 Adjust to pH > 12 with sodium hydroxide
P08 Adjust to pH < 2 with nitric acid
P09 0.6 g of ascorbic acid to 500 mLs
P10 Add 2 mL of zinc acetate to 500 mLs
P11 Adjust to pH > 9 with sodium hydroxide
P12 4 degrees Celsius
P13 Methanol preservation
P14 Not noted on Chain-of-Custody
P15 Cooler temperature > 6 degrees C
P16 Cooler temperature < 2 degrees C or freezing
P17 Add 5mL 20% sodium bisulfate
P18 Sodium bisulfate preservation
P19 Zinc acetate and NaOH to pH>9; store cool at 4C
P20 Store in Darkness; store cool at 4 degrees C
P21 Adjust to pH <2 with phosphoric acid
P22 Dechlorinate, store cool at 4 deg. C
P23 Field filter, HNO3 to pH<2
P24 Cool 4 deg. C, HNO3 to pH<2 after extraction
P25 Dechlorinate, pH>9 with NaOH, cool 4 deg C
P26 pH<2 H2SO4, Cool 4 degrees Celsius
P27 3.6 mL monochloroacetic acid buffer/125 mL, store cool at 4 deg C
P28 Ethylenediamine
P29 4 degrees C; NH4Cl; store in darkness
P30 Filtration; pH 9 - 9.5, cool 4 deg C
P31 0.2% HCl (or 0.4% GN HCl)
P32 Dechlorinate, pH < 2 with HCl, 4 degrees Celsius
P33 pH < 2 with HNO3, Store ambient
P34 Adjust to pH > 11 with trisodium phosphate dodecahydrate
P35 Sodium Sulfate
P36 Sodium Sulfite
P37 Ammonium Chloride
P38 Monochloroacetic acid (MCAA) buffer and sodium thiosulfate
P39 Sodium thiosulfate and sulfuric acid
P40 Ammonium Sulfate/Ammonium Hydroxide
P41 Sodium Carbonate/Sodium Bicarbonate/Ammonium Sulfate
P42 Trizma
P43 L-ascorbic acid + EDTA + Potassium diHydrogen Citrate + Refrigeration
P44 Ammonium Acetate, 4 degrees Celsius

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