Valid Value List
%/V Percent by volume
%V/V Percent volume by volume
1/CM Per centimeter
1/S Per Second
1000GAL Thousands of Gallons
14PSI60F 14.696 Psi, 60F
60F1ATM 60 F, 1 Atm
ACRE FT Acre feet
ADMI COLOR ADMI (American Dye Manufacturers Institute) color
AIU Aggressive Index Unit
BBL42GAL Barrel (42 Gallons)
BTU/FT3 British Thermal Units per feet cubed
BTU/GAL British Thermal Units per gallon
BTU/LB British Thermal Units per pound
CC Cubic centimeters
CCSTPG Cubic centimeters at STP per gram of water
CELLSBEAD Cells/bead
CFS Cubic feet per second
CFU/100ML Colony Forming Units per 100 milliliters
CFU/10G Colony Forming Units per 10 grams
CFU/G Colony Forming Units per gram
CFU/ML Colony Forming Units per milliliter
CHONS% Percent of Total Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Sulfur
CM Centimeters
CM/HR Centimeters per hour
CM/SEC Centimeters per second
CM/YR Centimeters per year
CM2/SEC Square centimeters per second
CNT Count
COLF/100ML Coliform bacteria per 100 milliliters
COLF/G Coliform bacteria per gram
COLOR UNIT Color unit
COUNT/L Count per liter
CP Centipoise
CST Centistokes
DAY Days
DEG Degrees
DEG C Degrees Celsius
DEG C/HR Degrees Celsius per hour
DEG F Degrees Fahrenheit
DIGITS Number of digits to the right of the decimal point
DPY Drums per year
DYNES/CM Dynes per centimeter
E Natural logarithm
FIBERS/L Fibers per liter
FT Feet
FT CANDLES Foot candles
FT MSL Feet above mean sea level
FT/DAY Feet per day
FT/FT Feet per feet
FT/IN Feet per inch
FT/MIN Feet per minute
FT/SEC Feet per second
FT2 Square feet
FT2/DAY Square feet per day (cubic feet/day-foot)
FT2/MIN Feet squared per minute (for units of transmissivity)
FT3 Cubic feet
FT3/YR Cubic feet per year
G Grams
G/CC Grams per cubic centimeter
G/DAY Grams per day
G/G Grams per gram
G/KG Grams per kilogram
G/L Grams per liter
G/M2/YR Grams per square meter per year
G/M3/DAY Grams per cubic meter per day
G/ML Grams per milliliter
G/YR Grams per year
GAL Gallons
GAL/HR Gallons per hour
GAL/MIN Gallons per minute
GAL/MON Gallons per month
GAL/WK Gallons per week
GENECOP/L Gene Copies per liter
GENECOP/UL Gene Copies per microliter of DNA Extraction
GPD Gallons per day
GPD/FT Gallons per day per foot
GPD/FT2 Gallons per day per foot squared
GPM/FT Gallons per minute per foot
GPM/FT2 Gallons per minute per square foot
GPM/LAMP Gallons per minute per lamp
GPY Gallons per year
HRS Hours
HRS/DAY Hours per day
IN Inches
IN(HG) Inches of mercury
IN(W) Inches of water
IN/DAY Inches per day
IN/FT Inches per foot
IN/HR Inches per hour
IN/IN Inches per inch
IN/WK Inches per week
IN2/FT Square inches per foot
IN3 Cubic inches

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