Valid Value List
AA Ambient Air
AD Drilling Air
AF Air Filter
AI Air
AJ Aqueous QC
AS Asphalt
AT Adsorbent Tube
AW Aqueous
AX Air - Unk. Origin
BE Bird Egg
BT Bio-Trap
CF Fly Ash Cinder
DC Drill Cuttings
GA Gas
GE Gaseous Effluent (Stack Gas)
GL Gaseous Phase of Liquid
GQ Gaseous Phase QC
GS Soil Gas
GV Vapor Extraction System Vapor
IA Indoor Air
LB Blood
LC Liquid Condensate
LD Drilling Fluid
LE Liquid Emulsion
LF Floating/Free Product - Groundwater
LH Liquid Waste
LO Organic Liquid
LQ Organic Liquid QC
LT Floating/Free Product - Tank
LV Vadose Zone Liquid
MH Hazardous Multi-Phase Waste
MS Marine Sediment
MX Multi-Phase - Unk. Origin
OI Oil
P Product
PC Paint Chip
PK Plankton
QW Swab or Wipe QC
RK Rock
SB Bentonite
SC Cement
SE Sediment
SF Filter Sandpack
SH Solid Waste
SL Sludge
SM Water Filter
SN Misc. Solid
SO Soil
SP Well Casing
SQ Soil/Solid QC
SR Water Filter Residue
SS Surface Scrapings
ST Sorbents
SW Swab or Wipe
SX Soil/Solid - Unk. Origin
TA Animal Tissue
TC Clam Tissue
TF Fish Tissue
TI Invertebrate Tissue
TO Oyster Tissue
TP Plant Tissue
TQ Tissue QC
TW Worm Tissue
TX Tissue - Unk. Origin
V Vapor
W Water
WB Field Blank Water
WC Drilling Water
WD Well Development Water
WE Estuary
WF Water Frozen
WG Groundwater
WH Equipment Wash Water
WL Leachate
WM Stormwater
WO Ocean Water
WP Drinking Water
WQ Water QC
WR Pore Water
WS Surface Water
WT Treatment System Water
WV Vadose Zone Water
WW Waste Water
WX Water - Unk. Origin
WZ Special Water QC

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